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What to expect as a New Patient to Shoreline Allergy & Asthma

Your first appointment in the office will be with one of our board certified physicians.  The initial appointment consists of an in depth review of your medical history and symptoms.  This is generally a 30 minute appointment. No allergy testing will take place at your first appointment. 

At your first appointment, the physician will order testing related to your symptoms.  This testing could include blood work, allergy testing, or other testing appropriate to your condition.

The ordered testing will take place on seperate days from your new patient appointment.  The testing is usually done over multiple days, so to complete your allergy work-up, you may need to come to the office for multiple appointments.

Please click on the link below to print out your new patient paperwork. We ask that you have your  paperwork filled out prior to your appointment. Thank you. Form will open with Adobe Reader.